Chernobyl children enjoy fire station visit

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Seven children got the chance to visit a fire station and Museum


A group of Ukranian children were thrilled when they met some of our firefighters during a trip to Lauriston and Tollcross fire station today (Friday 28th June).

The seven children who are growing up in the shadow of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986 visited the station as part of an annual visit to the Capital organised by the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line (CCLL).

Firefighters from white watch took the group of 10 year olds round their fire station and gave them the chance to use water hoses, ride on the fire engines and learn about fire safety before heading up to Lauriston Place for some lunch.  The children then got the chance to visit the ‘Museum of fire” and was given a tour by volunteers.

Chernobyl Children Life Line is the charity which raises funds to bring the kids over to Scotland every year. Their aim is to help these children by boosting their immune systems and offering them respite from the relentless bombardment of radiation. For the children lucky enough to come to the Scotland it is a trip of a lifetime. It is estimated that a month staying with a family here, eating uncontaminated food, resting from the relentless radiation and breathing clean air can add up to two years to their life expectancy.  They also receive free dental and eye check ups while they are here.

The charity relies on host families to accommodate the children for four weeks. The charity then organises day trips and activities so as to allow host families to carry on with normal life. Much help is also required from local businesses and organisations to make their visit beneficial.

Norma Smith from CCLL said “The kids had a wonderful time at the fire station and museum.  The generosity of the people of Edinburgh is phenomenal.  I can’t emphasise enough the enormous difference it makes to the children’s health when they come here.  It increases their life expectancy even being here just a month.  We always welcome help to host these visits so if you can help in anyway please get in touch.  It does make a difference.”

For more information about how you can help the CCLL charity visit their website