Wildfires in the Highlands and Islands

Publish Date:

Update as of 12.45pm on Friday, 5 April.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service can report that the wildfires reported over the last week within the Highlands and Islands area have now been extinguished and the Service are not in attendance at any wildfires at present.

Operational crews and staff at Operations Control, Inverness, worked tirelessly to deal with each of the incidents, whilst ensuring that cover was maintained to deal with other operational incidents across the Highlands and Islands area.

Robert Scott, Assistant Chief Officer for the North Service Delivery Area said:

“The last week has seen an exceptional period of activity with almost 240 wildfire incidents in the Highlands and Islands area.  I would like to thank the retained, community response and wholetime staff for their dedication and commitment, as they have worked around the clock to ensure these incidents were brought under control and finally extinguished. 

I would particularly like to thank local employers who have released our retained and community response crew members to deal with the incidents and maintain the safety of our local communities.

Whilst there are no wildfire incidents in the Highlands and Islands at present the land and weather conditions still pose a high risk of fire and I would urge visitors and local communities that when venturing into the countryside to be aware of outdoor fire safety.  Members of the public should take care not to use camp fires, barbeques or carelessly discard cigarettes, glass bottles etc which can result in significant wildfires.

I would also like to thank local landowners and land managers, as well as other agencies for their support, and for responding to our request to cease muir and controlled burning whilst the weather and ground conditions continue to create a high risk of fire spreading out of control.”

When landowners are Muirburning undertake burning in a safe and professional manner following these points as part of a risk assessment:

  • Inform adjoining proprietors for your Muirburn plans for the day.
  • Telephone the Fire & Rescue Service providing details of location, extent of intended burning and let them know when the fires have been extinguished.
  • Do not burn if weather is unsuitable.
  • Do not burn if weather is too dry.
  • Do not burn if the wind is too strong.
  • Do not allow the width of fires to exceed 50 metres.
  • Do not burn uphill on steep slopes.
  • Do not burn unless you know how, and where, the fire will be extinguished.

Further advice and guidance relating to Fire Safety/Muirburning should be viewed utilising the following links: