How we manage our human, physical and information resources

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of the authority.

Human Resources

Equality and Diversity

Find out more about how we work to promote equality and diversity here.


Appraisal Policy
Capability Policy and Procedure
Dignity and Integrity at Work Policy
Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
Employment and Criminal Convictions Policy
Grievance Policy and Procedure
Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Local Government Pension Scheme Discretionary Policy
Managing Attendance Policy
Political Restrictions Policy
Recruitment and Selection Policy 
Volunteer Policy
Whistleblowing Policy


Mental Health Strategy 2020-2023
Youth Employment Strategy 2018-2020


Code of Conduct for SFRS Employees

Corporate Structure
Succession Planning Framework
Working Together Framework
Phyisical Resources
Asset Management Strategy 2019-2029
Carbon Management Plan 2020-2025
Climate Change Response Plan 2045
Energy and Carbon Strategy 2020-2030
Fleet Lists (updated quarterly)
Transport Strategy
Information Resources
Access to Information
Business Intelligence Strategy 2021-2024
Data Protection
Digital Strategy 2018-2021
Environmental Regulations
Freedom of Information
Government Security Classifications Policy

Records Management Plan

Records Management Policy