How we deliver our functions and services

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our service users.

Equality and Diversity

Find out more about how we work to promote equality and diversity here.

Aging Safely, Living Well - A Framework for Older People
Fire and Rescue Framework for Scotland 2016
Fire Safety Enforcement (Protection) Framework for Scotland 2021
Heitage Framework 2015-18
Youth Engagement Framework 2016-19
Annual Operating Plan 2021-2022
Annual Operating Plan 2020-2021
Annual Operating Plan 2019-2020
Extended Annual Operating Plan 2018-19
Climate Change Response Plan 2045
Corporate Parenting Plan 2020-2023
Local Plans – Priorities and Objectives
Anti-Fraud Policy Statement
Charging Policy and SFRS Scale of Charges (please refer to both)
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Risk Management Policy
Safeguarding Policy for the Protection of Adults
Safeguarding Policy for the Protection of Children
Whistleblowing Policy
Fire Fatalities Analysis Report 2018-2019
Specialist Resources Review Report
Business Intelligence Strategy 2021-2024
Communications and Engagement Strategy 2017-2020
Digital Strategy 2018-2021
Energy and Carbon Strategy 2020-2030
Long Term Financial Strategy 2017-2027
Operational Strategy Framework 2021
Training Strategy 2020-2025
Youth Employment Strategy 2018-2020

Collaborative Statement of Good Scrutiny and Engagement
Employee Partnership Forum
National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies
Principles of Service Design
Station Information – Your Area
Access to Information
Data Protection
Environmental Regulations
Freedom of Information
General Enquiries /Contact Us
Information on rights and how to make a request
Safety Information
For Householders For Businesses
Building Trade Safety For Young People
For Older People Safer Summer
Multi-Storey flats  
BBQ Safety Rubbish and Refuse Fires
Wildfires Water Safety
Deliberate Fires Boat Safety
Spring Safety Bonfire Safety
Winter Safety Fireworks Safety
Road Safety Festive Safety
Community Safety Leaflets Community Risk Register