Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 was brought in by the Scottish Government with the intention to assist communities in doing more for themselves and having greater participation in the area in which they operate.

The Act covers several areas of decision making and can be read in full at


Asset Transfer Requests

In terms of the legislation and associated provisions set out in the Act, a full Location Plan  with all Scottish Fire and Rescue Service property assets highlighted is available.

All full property addresses are available in the Your Area section of this website.  Select the local stations option for North, East or West.


Participation Requests

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 sets out provisions for Participation Requests to allow opportunities for communities to work with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as to the delivery of services associated with the organisation in order to potentially improve outcomes.

Should a community group have an idea on how to make the existing services better for their local area they can make a formal Participation Request to the Service in order to complement the existing facilities but not replace them.

In terms of those eligible to make a Request the group requires to be a Community Participation Body meaning one of the following;

  • A community controlled body
  • A community council
  • A community body with a written constitution; or
  • A body designated by the Scottish Ministers

Send any application(s) to:

Participation Requests, The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters, Westburn Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 7NA

Your Request will be checked and should any further information be required we will return to you.  If the Request is not eligible for any reason we will send a letter explaining why this is not able to be progressed.

For any clarification on the above please contact:

Estates and Valuation Surveyor

Scottish Fire and Rescue Headquarters

Westburn Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 7NA


Tel: 0141-646-4433