10 June 2014

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board will meet on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 in the conference room, training centre, Perth fire station at 1.30pm.

The papers to be considered at the meeting are as follows:


Minutes of last meeting (11 March)

Action Log

HMFSI Update

Final draft Internal Audit Plan 2014-15

Internal Audit Annual Report & Assurance 2013/14

Draft Annual Governance Statement 2013/14

Audit and risk assurance committee Annual Report 2014

Findings of the Annual Review of the Effectiveness of the Committee

Review of Corporate Risk Register

Whistleblowing Policy

Accounting Policies

HM Fire Service Inspectorate: Integrity, Objectivity and Fairness, an overview of The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Escalation of Pay and Reward Strategy Risks

Forward Business Plan 2014/15

Scottish Government Internal Aaudit Charter