09 June 2015

The next public meeting of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee will be held on Tuesday 9 June at 1:30pm in the ground floor meeting room at Perth fire station.

The meeting papers are as follows:


Minutes from previous meeting - 04 March 2015

Rolling Action Log

SFRS Internal Audit Annual Report and Assurance 2014/15

SFRS Internal Audit Progress Report

External Audit Update

External Audit Update - Appendix

Routine Report on HMFSI Business

HMFSI Action Plan Update

Discussion Paper - HMFSI Reports

ARAC Annual Report 2015 - to the Accountable Officer

Annual Governance Statement 2014/15

Annual Governance Statement 2014/15 - Appendix

Review of Corporate Risk Register

Review of Corporate Risk Register - Appendix

Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15: Regulatory Changes/Review of Accounting Policies

ARAC Forward Plan