09 July 2020

The next meeting of the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee will take place on Thursday 09 July 2020 at 10am by Teleconference

Papers for consideration at the meeting:-



Minutes of previous meeting - 25 March 2020

Action Log

Committee Annual Report 2019/20 to the Board and Accountable Officer of Scottish Fire And Rescue Service

Debt Write Off

SFRS Annual Governance Statement 2019/20


Internal Audit:

SFRS Internal Audit Progress Report 2020/21

Transformation Programme Gap Analysis

Internal Audit Progress Report

Fraud Risk Management Arrangements - Management Response


HMFSI Routine Annual Report

National Fraud Initiative Exercise 2018/19

Cyber Security Assurance Annual Report 2019/20

Quarterly update of Gifts, Hospitality and Interests Register

Strategic Risk Register update

Committee Forward Planning