Our Heritage

Scotland has a distinguished and dramatic firefighting history and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is committed to preserving our heritage and telling the stories of the firefighters, fires and appliances that have played such an important part in our history.

In 1824 the world's first municipal fire service formed in Edinburgh.  Our fire heritage draws on all aspects of the fire and rescue services that have served Scotland between then and the present day, including:

  • Historic memorials, monuments, documents such as log books, historic incident reports and photographs
  • Books, historical lectures and archiving activities. Volunteers from our Retired Employees Association (REA) lead many of these activities
  • Firefighters Heritage Trail, which honours firefighters who lost their lives protecting life and property
  • Facilities to preserve and exhibit historic items and to offer educational opportunities for local communities

Museum of Fire, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Museum of Fire is returning home to a new purpose built facility at McDonald Road fire station, where it resided for 25 years.

The Museum will form part of a special community hub, offering children and local residents important fire safety information and an insight into Edinburgh’s iconic role in firefighting history.

The new attraction will be designed to appeal to all ages and interests, combining historical artefacts dating back over 400 years with modern and innovative interactive displays.

Subject to planning and budgetary approvals, the new Museum of Fire is anticipated to open alongside the re-developed fire station in 2018. 

 Museum of Fire Artist impression

Artist’s impression of the future museum 

During the intervening period, we are funding the restoration and curation of the artefacts in preparation for the move to their new location. Keep an eye on our social media channels for future updates.

Greenock Museum and Heritage Centre, Greenock

At the Greenock Museum and Heritage Centre you will discover the history of firefighting in the West of Scotland.

The fire engines, uniforms and firefighting equipment on display recreate the original atmosphere of this old Fire Station and, as you walk round the Museum, you will experience the lives of generations of firefighters through their stories, photographs, uniforms and medals. In our exhibits and interactive displays, you will learn about the rich history and traditions of the Fire Service, from the late 1800s to the cutting-edge technology, firefighting techniques and Community Fire Safety Education that form today's Fire and Rescue Service.

The Greenock Museum and Heritage Centre is open the last Sunday of every month from 12pm - 4pm.

Greenock Museum and Heritage Centre
The Fire Station
Municipal Buildings
Dalrymple Street
PA15 1LY