Medical Assessment

We need to make sure that our Firefighters are both medically and physically fit, therefore, as part of the selection process, you will be asked to complete medical questionnaires, undergo and pass a medical examination.

The medical element of the assessment will examine your general health and fitness against the required standard and will include a discussion on your completed medical questionnaire.

Your health information is confidential to our Health and Wellbeing Practitioners and Doctors.  They will identify and discuss with you any medical conditions that may affect your ability to undertake the role of a firefighter.   In some cases, we may need to seek further information from your GP.

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Examples of some conditions which may affect your ability to join us as a firefighter are epilepsy and the use of certain types of hearing aids.

In addition, you will be required to have an eyesight examination report completed by an optician so we can determine if your eyesight meets our requirements.