Firefighter pay


Why would you pay firefighters more when they are already doing less than they were years ago?

This is not a pay rise. We are proposing a new recognition package in return for a completely new set of terms and conditions and a far broader role. We think it is fair that a firefighter is rewarded for being trained and ready to respond to major emergencies including terrorist attacks.

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Firefighters are significantly less active during a shift than other blue light employees so why do they deserve more pay?

This is not a pay rise. The roles are different and it is not right to try and draw comparisons. Our proposals will increase efficiency by both broadening the firefighter role into new areas and better aligning resource to need.

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What will the pay comparisons be between firefighters and police / ambulance?

The roles are completely different so it is not right to make comparisons. We do, however, believe that firefighters should be recognised for a far broader role and new T&Cs.

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You are proposing a pay rise that will significantly outstrip public sector pay limits. How are you able to do this?

This is not a pay rise. This is transformation. In return for completely new terms and conditions, a significantly broader role and greatly increased responsibilities we are proposing a fair recognition package phased over four years.

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Are you still allowing firefighters to sleep in their beds at night for this extra pay?

This is not a pay rise. Our proposals will better align resource to demand. While firefighters will still be required to be on standby for emergencies at night, the level of that resource will be rebalanced.

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Firefighter shifts and sleeping at night allows them to hold second jobs, do you think this is fair when you are giving them a pay rise?

This is not a pay rise. This is a recognition package for a completely new role. While we will rebalance our firefighter resources to deliver more and more efficiently, there is still a requirement for 24hr cover. That is what the public expects and that is what ensures the safety of our communities.

As part of this new recognition package, firefighters will be expected to take on new T&Cs, which will see greater flexibility through new shift patterns, crewing models and deployments.

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Is this ‘jam tomorrow’ for firefighters?

Our proposal to our firefighters is that in return for significant changes to their T&Cs, greater responsibility and a more diverse and flexible role, we will, over four years, deliver a new recognition package.

This new package will only be delivered if firefighters agree and are part of a new delivery model required to release the efficiencies to fund the new recognition package.

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