Are you conducting full consultation on your proposals?

Yes. We will be conducting a full public consultation in the coming months.

Ahead of that, we will be engaging with our staff, the public and stakeholders to share details of our proposals, outline the benefits and provide them with the opportunity to share views and shape our direction. We want to listen and we want to have a conversation so that those who rely on our service and deliver it can directly shape its direction.

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Will you be negotiating through the Unions?

Yes. We will conduct full negotiations with not only the FBU but all unions that represent firefighters. As the largest representative body, we have already invited the FBU – as the largest Union in the Service - to the table to begin negotiations and hope they will do so soon.

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Do you need to harmonise firefighter T&Cs before you move into negotiations on transformation?

We are committed to harmonising T&Cs and have already begun negotiations with the FBU. We do, however, believe it is right.

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