Dornoch firefighters welcome nursery kids

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Delighted pupils learned safety messages designed specially for young children

Dornoch Nursery Kids Visit

Thrilled nursery kids got an up-close look at Dornoch Community Fire Station.

Firefighters gave the class a guided tour of their local station and put-on a safety lesson specially designed for young children.

The youngsters learned what to do if they hear a smoke alarm go off, how to make a 999 call and what to do if their clothes ever catch fire.

Dressing-up in fire kit and having a shot of the hoses made the day all the more fun and memorable.

Crew Manager Andrew Mackay said: “It was great to see the kids enjoy themselves and learn some fire safety tips that could prevent them coming to harm.

“It’s really important even the youngest members of our community can recognise danger and know what to do in an emergency.”

He explained: “Our message is to get straight out of the building if they see a fire or if they hear a smoke alarm and never to go back inside for anything.

“If that happens they need to tell an adult right away. They also need to tell an adult if they find matches or lighters lying around.

“We made sure they understood all this and taught them that if their clothes ever catch fire they need to stop – not run – drop to the floor and roll around to put out the flames.”

The firefighters also spoke to the kids about how to use the telephone to make a 999 call and get help in an emergency.

Further information on how people can stay safe from fire is available on the Your Safety section of the Scottish Fire and rescue Service website,

It includes a link to school resources designed to provide interesting and important safety information to children of all ages.