retained firefighter who served community for 30 years to retire

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tribute paid to Jim Davidson by Local Senior Officer for North, East and South Ayrshire James Scott

Jim Davidson


A retained firefighter who has served the community for 30 years is set to retire.

Jim Davidson will serve his last day at Maybole Community Fire Station in Ayrshire on 18 April.

Tribute was paid by James Scott who is Local Senior Officer for North, East and South Ayrshire.

He said: “The commitment from Jim over the past 30 years has been outstanding and has been an integral part of the retained Unit at Maybole.

“Having attended various incidents with Jim over the years, his knowledge and professionalism has always been to the highest standard and this is very much evidenced by the performance of his unit, which is a credit to Jim.

“The town of Maybole and the surrounding communities in South Ayrshire have benefited greatly from Jim’s dedication to the Fire and Rescue Service and on behalf of the management team and fire and rescue colleagues, we wish Jim well in his retirement.”

Jim was born in Kilkerran and raised in nearby Maybole, attending Carrick Academy before signing up as a retained firefighter in his town on 1 October, 1983.

He left the retained service in 1985 after becoming a whole time firefighter at Prestwick Airport.

But he re-joined the retained unit at Maybole in March 1988. This meant that he was both full-time at Prestwick and on-call at Maybole – and serving the communities of Ayrshire around-the-clock.

In 1990, Jim transferred to Glasgow Airport Fire Service where he continues to serve in his role as Crew Commander.

But he has decided to retire as Watch Manager for the retained unit at Maybole to spend more time with wife Margaret Anne, his three sons and granddaughter.

Jim said: “There is no doubt that the Fire Service offered me a fantastic career path which I fully embraced.

“I really enjoyed working with the crews as there was a great sense of camaraderie. We looked out for each other and, together, we worked hard to protect our community.”

He added: “This is the best job in the world and I would encourage others to become a firefighter.

“But it is not your average job - you have to be dedicated as the crew relies on you and the public relies on you.

“It is therefore a big responsibility but it is very rewarding. I am very proud of the part that I have played – the only negative, for me, is that my time has flown past so very quickly.”

He added: “I would like you to add is to thank all my colleagues at Maybole and surrounding stations for their  support and friendship over the years and also thank the admin staff at  Cumnock and Ardrossan.”