Senior Aberdeenshire fire officer welcomes results of public survey

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The report says those surveyed in Aberdeenshire say they are very satisfied with service they receive from SFRS

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Aberdeenshire’s most senior fire officer has welcomed a new report which highlights that people surveyed in the area are very satisfied with the service they receive from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

The key results from the most recent Aberdeenshire Citizens Panel View Point report said that “net satisfaction in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in Aberdeenshire is 83%.”

This represents a significant improvement from a figure of just over 70%, recorded in 2014.

Local Senior Officer for Aberdeenshire and Moray, David Rout, commented: “This provides me with a degree of comfort in that we continue to deliver an excellent fire and rescue service to those who live, work and visit Aberdeenshire.”

LSO Rout presented his final quarter report to the local Aberdeenshire scrutiny committee recently and highlighted the service’s continued approach to its prevention and protection activity.

He said: "Importantly we are focusing on those individuals in our communities who are most vulnerable or at risk from fire or harm in the home.

“The performance information contained within our annual report is encouraging given the challenges faced across the area and coupled with high levels of operational activity.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service continue to collaborate effectively with partner agencies across Aberdeenshire to protect the most vulnerable in society and the service has worked closely and extensively with Aberdeenshire Care & Repair and Aberdeenshire Council.

LSO Rout said: “This is pleasing for me as LSO as both are directly related to the forthcoming week of action for Ageing Safely and are focused on those individuals in our communities who are most vulnerable or at risk from fire or harm in the home.

“Our proactive approach to prevention and protection has resulted in strengthening relationships at a local area level with the Council, our partners, the public and businesses.”

LSO Rout is keen to seek early engagement with partners, which will help inform and shape the draft SFRS Strategic Plan, which will be issued for formal consultation in October.

He said: “Early engagement will ensure we can maximise the opportunity for comments from a local level to assist in reaching a more informed and collective perspective, whereby I can feed in comments received to assist in shaping the draft SFRS Strategic Plan.

“Engagement is planned for at Area Committee level, local area community planning groups and we have already presented at Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board.

“I can’t stress the importance of seeking elected members and council official views as the next reiteration of the SFRS Strategic Plan will inevitably set direction for future development of Local Fire and Rescue Plans scheduled for next year.”

SFRS remains committed to its role in pro-active, multi-agency work to reduce serious and fatal road casualty numbers in Aberdeenshire.

LSO Rout said: “Road traffic collision activity levels remain the highest in North Service Delivery Area and as such given the importance of this I have undertaken the role as the service’s strategic representative on the North East Road Casualty Reduction Group and leading on a pan-Grampian area review of road safety involving key partners including Road Safety Scotland.”