Fire at Jimmy Chungs restaurant in Aberdeen

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Crews continung to fight a well developed fire in the restaurant

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are currently dealing with a fire at Jimmy Chungs restaurants on the Esplanade in Aberdeen.

Operations Control Aberdeen received a call at 0423 early this morning (20th February) and mobilised appliances within minutes.

Appliances from North Anderson Drive, Central, Altens, Dyce, Ellon, Inverurie, Stonehaven and Kintore including a height appliance from Central, Incident command unit from Altens and support appliance from Peterhead  are in attendance.

On arrival crews discovered a well developed fire and fought it internally using breathing apparatus and main jets.

Due to the fire developing, firefighters withdrew for safety after it was confirmed there was no one in the building.  The crews worked hard to limit the damage.

Crews are now involved in firefighting externally using three main jets.

Firefighters have worked closely with our partners from the Scottish Ambulance Service and Police Scotland to ensure public safety and the safety of the firefighters.

No cause of the fire at this time but there will be a joint investigation with Police Scotland.

Area Commander Andy Coueslant said: “I am impressed with the hard work and professionalism by the crews in challenging conditions.  I would like to express my thanks to our partners in Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service for their support.”