Free electric blanket testing day in Perth on Wednesday

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If your electric blanket is over 3 years old and not been tested, get it tested to ensure you are sleeping safely

Electric Blanket - Group Manager P And K Rab Middlemiss And Home Safety Officer Stewart Nelson

Group Manager for Perth and Kinross, Rab Middlemiss (left) and Home Safety Officer Stewart Nelson with an electric blanket during a recent testing day

With some of the winter’s coldest weather forecast for the coming days the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service is issuing a timely reminder to people to have their electric blankets tested.

On Wednesday (29 January 2014) the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service is offering communities in Perth the chance to have their electric blankets tested to ensure they are as safe as possible during the winter months.

The free tests will be carried out at St Ninians Cathedral, North Methven Street, Perth from 10.00am until 3.30pm on the above date.

Anyone who would like to have their blanket checked should contact 01738 622226 to book an appointment.

Old and damaged blankets cause many house fires each year and are also responsible for deaths and injuries which could be prevented by having a simple inspection and electrical test carried out by a competent person.

Blankets can become dangerous due to age, may have developed a fault or have been damaged through wear and tear. Many older blankets do not have overheat protection which means that they do not have a thermostatic control allowing the blanket to overheat which can cause a fire to break out.

Electric blankets should be tested every two years once the guarantee has expired to ensure they are safe to use. Every blanket which is tested will be given a test certificate to show how it has performed on test. Previous blanket testing has had a failure rate running at around 25% so there is no reason to be complacent just yet.

It is hoped that local people will come along and support this important initiative which in turn will assist in making our community a safer place to live.

SFRS Group Manager for the Perth and Kinross area, Rab Middlemiss said: “I would urge anyone within our local communities who either has an electric blanket or perhaps has an elderly family member or friend who has one to come along. These are often stored away for a number of months or longer then taken out for use where damage often hidden from view can cause fires that have been known to result in serious or fatal injuries.”